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Sri Lanka

Discover Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a multicultural country boasting a rich Buddhist heritage, which can be seen in its ancient ruins, temples, museums and forts. The majority of Sri Lankans practice Theravada Buddhism, which is also the state religion, meaning it is actively protected and preserved. Sri Lanka is also home to around 6000 Buddhist monasteries and over 15000 monks. Because of the prevalence of Buddhism in the country it continues to be a global centre for Buddhist scholarship and learning.

Our pilgrimages visit the most significant Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka, known as the cultural triangle. Explore the legendary sky citadel of Sigiriya, the Buddhist cave temples at Dambulla, the ancient stupas of Polonnaruwa and view one of the most sacred relics of Buddhism – a tooth of Buddha collected from his funeral pyre and which is now protected within the gold-roofed Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in the city of Kandy. Experiencing the blessing ceremony with all its fanfare, drums, trumpets and brightly coloured monks performing their rituals is a once in a lifetime experience.

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